Where do you get information to answer questions?

For sources, we generally use peer-reviewed journals and well-reputed research organizations. We believe in transparency, so all of our posts are heavy-laden with citations that will link you directly to the study or source we used. That said, there is rarely a complete scientific consensus on any issue and new research is always being done that could overturn old research. We do our best to provide you with the most credible information available at the time of our research. If you find any errors or new data becomes available, please let us know!

What kinds of questions do you answer?

We mostly answer questions about human health and topics surrounding that, such as germs, medicine, and lifestyle. We love to provide answers to questions you may have always wondered about and provide information that you can apply in your own life. You can look at our archived posts for previously-asked questions. We love creative questions, so feel free to think outside the box!

How do I submit a question?

Please use our contact page.

Do you answer all the questions you receive?

Unfortunately, no. Our ability to answer questions is limited by the number of volunteers we have available to research questions and answer them. If a question falls outside the scope of our focus, we may not answer it.

Can I write for you?

If you are a researcher or professional in science or medicine who loves explaining research findings to a general audience, we would love to have you write for us! To learn more and get started, please use the contact page to express your interest.